Goeden Dagjes: Misha’s moments musicaux

26 of Misha's compositions, transcribed by Michael Moore. Download the PDF here

This collection represents one aspect of Misha’s music. These engaging pieces have been played in many contexts through the years, from Misha solo and duos with Han Bennink to full orchestra. Countless musicians have enjoyed playing these pieces - among them Piet Noordijk, Eric Dolphy, Peter Brotzmann, Steve Lacy, Roswell Rudd, John Zorn, Ben Herman, Dave Douglas, The Respect Sextet and, of course, the musicians of the ICP.

Some (Reef und Kneebus, De Sprong) are distillations of more complex arrangements - search out a recording to get a better idea of the orchestrational fabric. Where necessary I have given an idea of the underlying rhythmic idea, as in Brozziman, Habanera, the Leper and Rollo 1. Above all these pieces are meant, not only to be played, but to be played with - as points of departure, or points of reference in a larger musical context. Some pieces have ‘exit points’ written in, such as Een Beetje Zenuwachtig, Flute and Reef und Kneebus; the others you’ll have to find for yourself. Please do not play them too straight!
— Michael Moore, July, 2009