The Heron

by Tobias Delius 4tet

This month's Music feature is another out-of-print title from the ICP catalog: the first release from the Tobias Delius 4tet, The Heron (ICP 033). 

Tobias Delius: tenor saxophone
Tristan Honsinger: cello
Joe Williamson: bass
Han Bennink: drums

Track Listing

1. Socks (T. Delius); Lamps (T. Delius); Beauja (T. Honsinger) 10:59

2. P Chats (T. Honsinger) 4:41

3. Plonk (T. Delius); Couples (T. Honsinger); Kintopp Continued (T. Delius) 8:54

4..The Heron (T. Delius) 4:59

5. F's & T's (T. Honsinger); New 1 (T. Honsinger) 7:02

6. Kafka 1 (T. Honsinger); Kintopp (T. Delius) 7:06

7. Kitchen Sink (T. Delius); Fusspot (T. Delius) 10:02

Total Time: 52:23


Recorded 7-6-97 at Polanentheatre, Amsterdam, by Dick Lucas. 

Cover design: Han Bennink