Two Programs: The ICP Orchestra Performs Nichols/Monk

by ICP Orchestra

"Awesome. These two recordings of the ICP Orchestra have stood up marvelously over the years; they sound even more relevant in the 21st century than they did in the 20th. And to have both recordings in a single package is a gift to be treasured." 

-All Music Guide


Monk program: Misha Mengelberg, piano; Sean Bergin, alto saxophone; Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone; Michael Moore, alto saxophone; Wolter Wierbos, trombone; Garret List, trombone; Maurice Horsthuis, viola; Ernst Reijseger, cello; Toon de Gouw, trumpet; Paul Termos, alto saxophone; Larry Fishkind, tuba; Han Bennink, percussion.

Nichols program: Misha Mengelberg, piano; Ab Baars, soprano and tenor saxophone, clarinet; Michael Moore, alto saxophone, clarinet; Wolter Wierbos, trombone; George Lewis, trombone (track 6 only); Maurice Horsthuis, viola; Ernst Reijseger, cello; Han Bennink, percussion

Arrangements by Misha Mengleberg
Photos: Francis Wolff/Pieter Boesma
Recordings: Dick Lucas/Misha Mengelberg
Cover design: Han Bennink