Hey everybody! This is where we’re putting live recordings from the archive for your review, the idea is to release some of these on Bandcamp and make some money. We need you to have a listen so we can determine which of these recordings we can really sell to the general public. Most of it hasn’t been listened to by us, but I’ve added an actual track name if I recognized it. Feel free to send me track names and/or set lists as you go through and I’ll change the generic ones we’ve got now. I’m still at subdist@gmail.com. Thank youuuu.

Buffalo 2007 (MMM, Depends on how much you like reverb, or how much reverb you like)


Albuquerque 2003 (Good SOUND, pretty smokin’, misha possibly too quiet but i’d say a contender)

Bimhuis 2005 (FAIR sound)

Sant’anna Arresi 2004 (GOOD SOUND, A CONTENDER)

Orgelpark 2011 (EHHH, REVERB)

EVERGREEN, Washington 2001 (not my favorite sound, and for some reason set 2 is in three parts but they could be edited back together)

WILHELMINA, EINDHOVEN 2009 (SET 2 on the way)