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"Improvisation is like daily life... like crossing a street" - says Han Bennink. The ensemble of the Instant Composers Pool, or ICP, improvises for 45 years now on the highest level. "These guys can swing like madmen and then all of a sudden play the most sensitive ballads" according to trumpetplayer Dave Douglas.This is really an improvisational monster with ten heads! Furthermore co-founders Misha Mengelberg and Han Bennink are the true "Giants of European jazz"! ICP is historical, unique and there is nothing else like it in jazz.

Good news, we have hit the 300 reservations-mark! Our gratitude goes out to all the improv-lovers for making this project a reality. We are now in the process of finishing the photobook with Pieter Boersma and gathering all the materials that will make up the boxed catalogue.

Even though we have hit our mark, we decided to extend the reservation period to give the last few enthusiasts the chance to pre-order a copy and join the special release event, which will be organized specially for the early birds to pick up the box. We are working towards a date at the end of November, but exact date, time and location will be revealed soon.

Instant Composers Pool

Complete boxed catalogue (limited edition)
€ 534,-

Price is inclusive shipment cost inside the EU. Outside of the EU the full price is 539,-

Order a limited edition ICP Box

The music that is released during all these years has now been collected and is planned to be released as a special edition box. It will contain 52 cd's, 2 dvd's (including bonus material that has never been released before), a blueprint of the famed ‘camel-chair’, and a photo-book of the rich ICP-history as shot by Pieter Boersma. Every box is numbered and unique because Han Bennink himself will be painting each copy by hand!